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Software Engineering, Product, Data Science
Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2023

About Portcast:
Our mission is to transform international supply chains to be more resilient by helping logistics companies realize the full potential of their data. Our customers include some of the world’s largest shipping lines, cargo airlines and international manufacturers. This covers 90% of the world trade volume that travels via ocean and 35% of world trade value that travels via air.

Based in Singapore, and backed by leading VCs and senior industry advisors, Portcast is a team of young tech and industry talent building a game-changing product for the logistics and shipping industry.

About the role:
We are looking for a Product Manager who is passionate about delivering best-in-class products. As the Product Manager, you will play a key role every step of the way from ideation to prioritization, from vision to strategy, from design to implementation, from customer feedback to customer satisfaction, from MAU to ARR. You will become one of our industry experts, combining customer insights, industry knowledge and technical excellence to make our platform best-in-class.

What You’ll Do:
As the only Product Manager, you will be responsible for improving the existing product (including the managing the launch of new features) in line with customer requirements as well as shaping the overall product strategy. Some of your responsibilities include:
• Develop deep expertise: Acquire in-depth knowledge of our product, market, and competitive landscape, establishing yourself as a product leader and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
• Hypothesis and Validation: Validate and test hypotheses to drive product development and decision-making.
• Create product requirement documents: Document comprehensive product requirements aligned with business goals, market trends, and customer needs.
• UI/UX mockups: Collaborate with the in-house designer to create UI/UX mockups for new features.
• Conceptualize product roadmap: Play an active role in the conceptualization of the product roadmap.
• Collaborate with engineering: Work closely with the engineering team to deliver effective solutions.
• Prioritize enhancements and new features: Help drive consensus and prioritize between enhancements to existing functionality and new features.
• Gather and structure customer requirements/feedback: Proactively collect and organize customer requirements and feedback.
• Design and refine product features: Iteratively design new features, mock up concepts, and develop the product roadmap in collaboration with engineering, data science, and business teams.
• Drive ruthless prioritization: Work with the technical team to prioritize product features that deliver value to our users.
• Manage sprint process: Oversee the sprint process, timelines, user stories, roadblocks, and metrics for the engineering team.
• Support commercialization: Support the marketing and sales team in effectively commercializing the product.

To thrive in this role, you must have:
• A bachelor's or master's degree or equivalent, ideally with specialization in Computer Science, Business, Information Systems, or related disciplines.
• 3-5 years of product management experience.
• Experience managing a SaaS or data heavy/analytics product.
• Strong problem-solving skills and ability to envision product vision, strategy, roadmap, features through customer discussions as well as through market research.
• Demonstrated experience in taking a stance and running hypotheses, showcasing problem-solving skills and initiative.
• Experience in figuring out the product direction even in a vision-lacking or ambiguous environment, demonstrating initiative, adaptability, and resourcefulness.
• Track record of initiating and launching a product with significant achievements in terms of KPIs, such as ARRs and customer acquisitions.
• Experience in validating and testing hypotheses with ability to challenge existing assumptions.
• Experience working in a startup environment, preferably with a sole product in the early stage.
• Demonstrable experience balancing the scalability and specialization of a product.
• Proven track record of taking the right calls and effectively explaining the rationale behind them.
• Shows enthusiasm and passion for the role, displaying a proactive attitude.
• Strong academic background and demonstrated career progression.
• Understanding of the logistics & supply chain industry, specifically on real-time transportation visibility platform is a plus.