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Satellite Image Processing Engineer

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Oxfordshire, UK
Posted on Monday, May 29, 2023

Working for Open Cosmos

Aim high, go beyond! At Open Cosmos we are solving the world’s biggest challenges from space, providing businesses, governments and researchers access to more readily available information than ever before - ready for the challenge? Then read on…

Working in the Ground Segment Team

Our team is responsible for all ground-side software which gathers and disseminates data from existing & future satellite fleets to our customers. We follow a highly agile methodology, we look for suggestions & contributions from all team members, and we’re not afraid to try new ways of working when we see an opportunity for improvement. Our image processing specialist will be fundamental to ensuring the success of our future EO (Earth Observation) missions and our data platform DataCosmos, by transforming at scale raw data into forms from which our customers can derive business-critical insights.

What will you be doing?

As Open Cosmos’ data offering, from both third party providers and from our own Open Constellation & satellite fleets, moves into a phase of rapid expansion, you’ll be developing software, procedures, and pipelines which get those data in front of our customers as quickly as possible and in a form that our customers love.

Working with EO and IoT data from diverse sources and at diverse different levels of processing, you’ll develop software that makes these data valuable to our customers and integrate this into our large-scale workflow orchestration system to process data at scale. You’ll take ownership of these workflows, making sure that they are running healthily and delivering the data within contract requirements, organisational goals, etc… Processing techniques you’ll implement can include e.g. band-to-band registration, georeferencing, orthorectification, optical correction, radiometric correction, atmospheric correction, cloud detection, etc…

You’ll be the main point of contact for sales and system engineering teams for the technical aspects and requirements of image processing, guiding the specifications and estimates that go into contracts and proposals.

As you progress, you will have the opportunity to drive the evolution of the infrastructure and services which support the data processing machinery in Open Cosmos, making recommendations for and/or developing new stand-alone tools & (micro)-services to this end.

What you need to be successful

We’re more interested in what you can do than being dogmatic about your background! We’d love to take a look at your CV even if you’re not sure you tick all the boxes.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need:

  • Strong mathematical skills & knowledge in areas required for satellite image processing (e.g. matrix multiplication, convolutions, orbital mechanics)
  • Ability write image processing programs/scripts in e.g. Python
  • To use common satellite imagery processing techniques to increase the value of those images
  • Sensitivity for the data needs of customers
  • Ability to work & learn independently, while also communicating effectively with the rest of the team to overcome blocking issues together